About Me

I am a resin artist who specializes in Orgonite. Orgonite first came onto my radar around 2018 and I immediately fell in love. I knew I was meant to create them.

I have always loved all mother earth’s minerals. I come from a rockhounding family where minerals have consistently been a part of my life. One of my mom’s best friends was a geologist & I still have the fluorite he gifted me when I turned one. I also remember fondly pulling apart all of the raw selenite he would gift us…hee hee, I know better now 😉

When I discovered that you could take minerals, add lots of beautiful metals, lots of love, make it sparkly & healing, well…it was love at first sight 🙂

My great grandmother, Elizabeth, was a burn healer. One thing I appreciate between her & I is that she would never accept payment for her healing as she thought it would cause her to lose her gift. I, also, am not into this to get rich. I pretty much get back what I put into them & I would love for everyone to have Orgonite in their home.

My interpretation of Orgonite: Orgone Energy is considered much like Chi or Prana, as well as Universal Life Force. It contains positive and negative energies and are the basic building blocks of all organic and inorganic matter on our material planet. Orgonite consist of a resin and metal mixture with a quartz crystal. They naturally attract etheric energy that converts the negative organ (life force) into positive ions. They collect, transmute and emit energy.

To further understand this phenomenon: Quartz crystals hold a positive and negative electric charge when put under pressure. The resin used in the orgonite creation process applies pressure to the quartz when cured, creating piezoelectricity. An electromagnetic field is then created to cleanse negative energy and reinforce positive clean energy.

Energy plays a major role in helping us battle a wide array of different ailments. However, if we are holding onto trauma, anxiety, unhealthy habits, etc, that can create a block in our access to positive energy that is necessary in our healing process. Orgonite can help clear these blockages.

In our modern society we are exposed to a wide array of transverse EMF (electromagnetic field)/ELF (extremely low frequency) radiation. Orgonite is a great defense to this radiation.

Every piece contains clear quartz, copper, other various minerals & metals. Every piece contains the healing benefits of the minerals & are amplified by the addition of the metals.

Much Love!!! XOXO

February 15, 1974
My vision

Share beautiful, loving, and affordable healing artwork with our world.